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2019 CRAFT Annual Summary Meeting Held

Resource: ReportTime:2018-11-16

    The 2019 CRAFT AnnualSummary Meeting was held on January 15th. More than 200 people ,including members of the CRAFT project headquarters, project leaders, heads of themanagement department of the institute and key personnel of the project attended the meeting. CRAFT Chief  Economist and Director of Engineering Office Chen Junling chaired the meeting.

    At the beginningof the meeting, Secretary Zhang Xiaodong gave a speech, he thanked the membersof the CRAFT team for their hard working and hoped them to seize the opportunity, uphold the spirit of scientists, carry out in-depth cooperationand promote the development of the Institute further.

    Academician LiJiangang, the leader of CRAFT project, introduced the overall situation,progress and working plan of 2020. Professor Wu Yu and professor Lu Kun,respectively reported the progress of the superconducting magnet researchsystem and the deflector research system and the 2020 target. Fu Peng, thedeputy chief engineer and the director of the chief division office, ChenJunling, the chief economist and the director of the engineering office, introduced the responsibilities of the chief division office and theengineering office of the 2020 goals.

    Finally, deputy chief engineer Fu Peng read the list of outstanding CRAFT employees in 2019. Academician Li Jiangang issued certificates for the outstanding employees and congratulated the outstanding employees. He thanked all the CRAFT project members and hope thateveryone will carry forward the scientific spirit.

    This is the first annual summary and exchange meeting since CRAFT officially started. Everyone gathers together to review the past, look forward to the future, taking fuller enthusiasm and higher morale to completevarious tasks in 2020.