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CRAFT technical supporting system

     CRAFTtechnical supporting system is one of the indispensable important subsystems offusion device. According to the requirements and characteristics of CRAFT facilities,it includes three technical support systems, namely "High-Voltage Substationand distribution system", "Cooling Water system" and"central air conditioning system". 

    Themain construction objective of the"High-Voltage Substation and distributionsystem" is to build a 110kV-200MVA substation with dual power supply and35kV/10kV/0.4kV multi-voltage distribution system with 96 power feeders.

   Theconstruction objective of the "Cooling Water system" is to build a setof divertor cooling Which to provide cooling water with a maximum pressure of5MPa @ Max.100(+/-10) ° C and a max. flow rate of 260t/h, in addition, industrialgrade cooling tower will be built to provide conventional equipment coolingwater with total flow rate of 7010t/h @ total transfer heat load of 70MW foreach feeder.

   Theconstruction objective of the central air conditioning system is to build the coolingand heating source system, the multiple air conditioning systems and the undergroundpipe network system. With the 9702kW thermal rated power and 26740kW cooling ratedpower for the feeders in every plants building in CRAFT.