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CFETR Divertor Testing Faculty

12.CFETR divertor testing faculty

Scientific objectives:

CFETR Divertor Testing Facility is ahigh heat flux (HHF) test device which is equipped with two electron beam guns,pressurized water and helium loops and vacuum chamber. It is constructed to:

•       providetesting environment of high thermal radiation loads and thermal hydraulicperformance for water-cooled and helium-cooled divertor and blanket

•       testprototypes to verify their heat-resisting and thermal hydraulic performances

•       evaluatethe manufacture technologies to determine the standards and criteria for designand manufacture

System description and main parameters:

The CFETR Divertor Testing Facilityconsists of the following systems

1)Electron Beam Gun System, equipped with twoelectron beam guns (60 kW@120 kV and 800 kW@60 kV). The 60 kW gun is used fortransient heat loading while the 800 kW one is used for steady-state experimentwith steady state heat flux of 20 MW/m2. The maximum scanning areaof the target components is ~1 m2. The parameters of two electron beam guns are listed in Table

2)Vacuum Chamber System, provides vacuumcondition for testing components which will be put inside the vacuum chamberand irradiated by the electron beam. The diameter and the length of the vacuum chamberare 3 m and 4 m, respectively. It can hold prototype parts and components ofdivertor and blanket. The adjuster is installed inside the vacuum chamber. Thecomponent can move with linear stroke length of ±0.5 m and deflection angle of ±45°.The vacuum pressure is required to be below 10e-3 Pa during normal operation.The chamber pressure limit is 1MPa during accident incident.

3)Water Coolant Loop, provides pressurized watercoolant of 4-15.5MPa for water-cooled component which is installed in vacuumchamber for HHF testing. This loop mainly consists of circulating pump, valves,pressurizer, pre-heater, heat exchanger, secondary cooling system, and so on. Theoperation parameters of pressurized water loop are listed in Table 2

Table2 the watercoolant loop parameters

Operation pressure

Coolant temp.

Max. mass flow rate

4-15.5 MPa

285-325 ℃

120 m3/h

4)Helium Coolant Loop, provides heliumcoolant of 8MPa for helium-cooled component which is installed in vacuumchamber for HHF testing. This loop is mainly composed of helium circulator,valves, recuperator, heater, heat exchanger, secondary water cooling system,and so on. The operation parameters of helium loop are listed in Table 3.

Table3 thehelium coolant loop parameters

Operation pressure

Coolant temp.

Max. mass flow rate

8 MPa

300-500 ℃

3 kg/s

Key technologies:

The CFETR divertor testing facility is expected tosolve the following key technologies:

Ÿ  Experiment technology ofdivertor prototypes PFC with steady state heat flux of 20 MW/m2 and with pressurizedwater or helium coolant.

Ÿ  Experiment technology ofPFC with transient heat loading simulating ELMy operation condition by using 60kW electron beam gun.

Ÿ  Operation technology ofpressurized water loop or helium coolant loop.

Ÿ  Safety technology ofvacuum chamber and electron beam gun when loss of coolant accident take placeduring testing components.

Ÿ  Manufacturetechnologies evaluation and standardization of divertor