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EAST Divertor Upgrade

EASTdivertor upgrade


•       Developingmore robust high heat load handing technology

•       Buildthe full EAST low divertor with ITER-like W configuration

•       Integratedtesting during EAST long pulse experiments

•       Exploreuseful experience and technology for CFETR divertor


High Heat flux capacity:

Steadystate(15sON/15s OFF,≥1000cycles)-10MW/m2;

Transient state(15s ON/15s OFF,≥1 cycle)-20MW/m2;

Cooling water:

Inlet flowvelocity-8m/s

work pressure-3MPa

Inlet/ Outlet Dimeter(mm) -D26/d24

There are 48 modules, supporting basesand cooling pipes for the divertor system. Eachmodule contains 4 targets (2 inner vertical targets and 2 outlet verticaltargets) and 2 domes. Supporting bases include inner rings, middle bases andouter bases. cooling pipes consists of 8 inlet and outlet pipes (D70mm). EachIVT contains 3 tungsten mono-blocks and 2 End boxes. Each OVT contains 8tungsten mono-blocks and 3 End boxes. End boxes and Domes are flat plates withtungsten sheets on the plasma facing surface.