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LHCD System

Scientific objectives

•       Explorethe feasibility of CFETR LHCD system.

•       Developingall technologies needed for CW LHCD system.

•       Buildingand integrated testing of 2MW system.

•       RHcompatibility testing of antenna with blanket.

System Description and main parameters

The LHCD system forCRAFT is composed of klystrons, antenna and transmission lines, pre-amplifier,control system, high voltage power supply, water cooing, and other facilities. TheLHCD system layout is shown in Fig.

Four500kW klystron amplifiers generate 2MW/>100s microwave energy, fouroversized circular waveguide transmission lines deliver the microwave power to theantenna, using the multi-junction grill to couple the microwave energy into theplasma, to heat the plasma and to drive the plasma current.

Key technologies

Thefollowing key technologies are expected to be solved by constructing the 2MWLHCD system:

•       Theprototype 4.6GHz 500kW klystron is under development by Chinese manufacturer,and now progressing smoothly.

•       The near field couplingantenna. The design and manufacturing process are the key issue, the materialconstituting the launcher should be verified and determined, to extend servicelife and maintenance cycle.

•       The transmission lines.In terms of minimization of the number of transmission lines, and long-distancelow loss transmission requirement, 500kW microwave components and oversizedcircular waveguide power transmission technology need to be solved.

•       The intelligentoperation and control. Which is composed of a series of software and hardwarecombined with the algorithms, using this technology can improve the operatingefficiency and reduce the need for human resources.