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CRAFT Remote Handling Testing Facility

Main objectives:

Ÿ   Developing thetooling, technologies for vertical maintenance of blanket, divertor.

Ÿ   Developing theheavy-duty manipulator (CMOR) for removable of first wall and divertor.

Ÿ   Building the necessarysystem for advanced integrated testing.

Ÿ   Explore RH methods forH&CD antenna port plug system.

System Description and Main Parameters

Theremote handling testing facility is composed of several sub-systems listed asfollows (Fig. 1):

Ÿ   Blanket lift andtransfer system

Ÿ   Divertor lift andtransfer system

Ÿ   H&CD antennaport-plug maintenance system

Ÿ   Heavy-duty manipulator

Ÿ   Tools (cutting,welding, bolting, …) and end-effectors (dual arm, snake arm, …)

Ÿ   Remote handlingintegrated control system

Blanketlift and transfer system. To verify the feasibility of lifting both the outboard and inboard blanketthrough the upper port, and use a toroidal transfer platform to move theblanket to the lifting position under the upper port. The maximum payload ofabove blanket RH system is 60 t, and the position accuracy is ±20 mm.

Divertorlift and transfer system. Toverify the feasibility of transferring the divertor toroidally and lifting outthrough the upper port. The maximum payload is 15 t, and the position accuracyis ± 10 mm.

Heavy-dutymanipulator (CMOR). To deliver the RH tools and end-effectors into the vacuum vessel through anequatorial port. By exchanging different end-effectors and RH tools, CMOR canbe used to replace the first wall and drag the divertor in the radial direction.The maximum payload at the end is 2.5 t, with a repeated accuracy of ± 10 mm.

RHtools and end-effectors.Several tasks can be performed using the manipulator (or industrial robot) withthe proper tools and end-effectors, such as inspection, pipe cutting/welding,tile installation/ removal, divertor surface and dust cleaning, blanketfixtures lock/unlock. A dual-arm flexible robot will be developed with apayload up to 25 kg and repeated accuracy of ± 1 mm.

Remotehandling control system.All the RH equipment, tools, manipulators are remote controlled in a dedicatedcontrol area with trained operators. The control modules of operation processmanagement, virtual reality, and computer-aid teleoperation, camera monitoringand safety inlock are involved to achieve a safe, reliable, and user-friendlycontrol system.

Key Technologies

Thekey technologies involved in the project are listed as follows:

Ÿ   High reliability,heavy load maintenance mechanism

Ÿ   Development ofmaintenance tools and end-effectors

Ÿ   Remote handlingcompatibility design. (All the components to be manipulated by remotehandling must meet the compatibility requirement, which is a serial ofcomponents structure design constraints and evaluation criteria to ensure theremote handing availability and reliability)

Ÿ   Remote handlingcontrol technology