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SC Magnets Testing Facility

3. SC magnets testing facility

CRAFT superconducting (SC) magnet testing facility isconstructed to provide experimental platform for electromagnetic propertiestesting of next large-scale SC magnets in conditions of multiple physicalfields and complex loads.


Ÿ  To perform the large-scale SC magnetresearch on mechanics, thermology and electromagnetics properties.

Ÿ  To evaluate the SC magnet system compatibility,reliability, stability, and magnet safety in fault state and verify thereliability of magnet engineering technology.

Ÿ  To provide the large-scale, high vacuum,and low temperature environment for other testing.

System Description andmain parameters

The SC magnet testing facilityconsists of following systems as shown in Fig. 

a.         Cryostat, provides thehigh vacuum and adiabatic operation environment for the single large-scalemagnet. The dimension of the large-scale dewar is that the length is largerthan 18.5 m, the width is more than 14 m and the height is greater than 6 m.

b.        Vacuum system, is used for obtaining the high vacuum.It mainly consists of roots pump units and molecular pumps. The main pumpingspeed of units can reach 1.8×104 L/s.

c.         Current leads and feeder system, hastwo pairs of high temperature superconducting (HTS) current leads with currentcarrying capacity of 100 kA and 60 kA respectively.

d.        Quench detection and protection system, providesthe effective quench detection and protection in conditions of strong magneticcoupling, high magnetic energy and strong electromagnetic interference, and theaccuracy of the detection system can reach 99.99%.

e.         Diagnostic control system,controls all subsystems of the magnet testing platform during the test. Theparameters such as temperate, pressure, mass flow, etc. will be monitored. Thesignal capacity can reach 1000. And data acquisition rate is 10 Hz at lowfrequency and 1000Hz at high frequency.

f.         Cryogenic system,provides the cooling medium for test magnet and other cryogenic components. Thesupercritical helium (3-6 bar, 500 g/s) is used for maintaining theoperation temperature of the magnet at 4.5 K.


Ÿ   Effectivequench detection and protection.

Ÿ   100kA HTS CL and low resistance joint technology.

Ÿ   Large-scaleSC magnets integrated testing and evaluation.