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CFETR HTc Coil and Testing

5.     CFETRHTc coil and testing

Scientific andconstruction objectives

(1)    Toexplore Bi2212/ReBCO CICC conductor and magnet technologies by taking theinsert magnet development as prototype;

(2)    Toevaluate the reliability of magnets manufactured by Bi2212 /ReBCO CICCconductor for future high field applications (i.e. CFETR CS)

(3)    Todevelop HTc magnet technology for future CFETR CS application

The HTS magnet description and the main technologyparameters

The HTS magnetshall be winded from the Bi2212/ReBCO CICC conductor, which are mainly consistof the CICC cable and stainless-steel jacket.

The mainparameters of insert coil is:

(1)     Maximum magneticfield: 12~15 T

(2)      Operation current : >10 kA

(3)      Operation temperature: 4.5 K

The keytechnologies:

According to thecharacteristic of Bi2212 wire and ReBCO tape, the key technologies are asfollows:

1)      Material performanceanalysis under high field condition;

2)      The heat treatmentrequired for the Bi2212 wire with high pressure and O2 conditions;

3)      The cable windingtechnology for the ReBCO tapes;

4)      The quench detectiontechnology for HTS with lower quench propagation velocity;

5)      Performance degradationfrom stress and strain generated from manufacturing and operation.

6)      Manufacture CICC HTcmagnets

7)      Performance of CICCHTc magnets under CFETR CS operation condition.