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Cryogenic Testing Facility

7. Cryogenic testing facility

CRAFT cryogenic system is constructed to provide the superconductingtesting facility with cooling power, as well as be built into a research andtest platform aiming the technology bottleneck of CFETR cryogenic system. Thestructure of the cryogenic system is shown in Figure.

The system is composed of four heliumrefrigerators (4kW/4.5K, 1kW/3.8K, 200W/4.5K, 250W/1.8K) with total averagecooling capacity over 7.2kW/4.5K. It provides all the cold components of largerscale superconducting magnets, mediumand small size superconductor and superconducting materials with 4.5K, 3.8K and1.8K cooling power to satisfy the testrequirements by distribution system. At the same time, it provides the cooling power to the cryogenic key technologyresearch platform and cryogenic public serviceplatform.

According to the cooling requirements of each system of the device, thesystem construction scope includes thefollows parts:

Ÿ   4kW/4.5K helium refrigerator unit meets the coolingrequirements of large-scale superconductingmagnets, including refrigerating capacity of the sub-cooled helium.

Ÿ   1kW/3.8K helium refrigerator unit meets the coolingrequirements of the small and medium-sized superconductor research system.

Ÿ   200W/4.5K helium refrigerator unit meets the coolingrequirements of the material performance research system.

Ÿ   250W/1.8K helium refrigerator unit provides thecooling power for the research platform, as well as the cooling requirements of the superconductor in 1.8Kcryogenic environments.

Ÿ   Cryogenic keytechnology research platform will research on cryogenic technologies, especially on design and integration technology oflarge-scale cryogenic system, design and manufacturing technology of cryogenicfluid machinery, simulation of large-scale  cryogenic system, and superfluid helium cooling technology, for futurefusion reactors and promote its application in industry.